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7/20/2014 3:06:08 AM
New Version available - V 1.0.4 (2216)
3:06 AM
by hucadmin

released a new version of Huntercoin: Mithril Edition (HUC:ME) : V 1.0.4 (2216)

As you know, blockchain chat is something cool as concept, but practically unusable because it's a game transcation and thus you have to wait transaction confirmation in order to be able to say your things. moreover you have to send on behalf of a player you are planning to move, if you don't want to waste a player movement.

At this point, for me, is like it doesn't exists, i used it just to joke with someone i killed or evaded but nothing more...but now.... things are different!

Finally I implemented the first realtime chat into the game!

It's pretty cool as features, need some work on performance (server side) so could be discontinued when i install a new version or change something, anyway it's there and now you can use it to talk freely with other Huntercoin: Mithril Edition users!

let me explain a bit how it works and why it's there

In my opinion realtime chat is something a game should have in order to improve game experience for players and help builds a community, so it was something to have at any costs (time and server :D)

Only for Huntercoin: Mithril Edition users

Chat Server runs over my VPS and it's an hand made chat server tighted with my client, everyone can chat in realtime with a cool ingame chat interface that gives you the chance to interact more with others and play better togheter and gives you clickable content that can help people cooperate (see clickable contents below)

At the moment (but just because this isn't an easy task, need some time to do) you have some limitation: - only 1 global chat channel - no personal messages

I'm already planning to be able to create multiple channels password protected and do personal chats, but need time to do a proper interface and client/server code, but I'm quite fast so you won't have to wait much :)

But now let's see some detail about the chat system and how it can impact gameplay and user experience.
in top right area you have a new button
chat buttons

clicking on this, will toggle the chat panel, that's a slide panel on the right on the map and when expanded it covers partially the map   chat slide

Is it possible to toggle the chat, pressing SHIFT + SPACE so would be really easy to open and close the chat with one hand without having to use mouse
If you have the chat closed and someone send a message, the chat icon will change color (orange) and will animate

Clickable Contents

html is not allowed to format test (for security reasons) but I've added a cool system that can transform some syntax in a clickable context that interact with the game interface

take this picture as example of final results:
final results

here what you can do, displayed in order respect image:

  • FIND: render a clickable button that when clicked find a named hunter / player, select him and center on map

    1. writing something like #huntername will create a link to the general (huntername.0)
      syntax: #huntername example: #myHunter
    2. writing something like #huntername.1 will create a link to huntername.1
      syntax: **#huntername.index example: #myHunter.1
  • SET AS TARGET render a clickable button that when clicked find a named hunter, add him to Targets and center on map
    syntax: *huntername.index example: *myHunter.1

  • GO TO LOCATION render a clickable button that when clicked center the map on the selected cell location
    syntax: #locX,locY example: #154;234

I'm adding other useful things on top of this (in future emoticons too but atm more important things to do).

try it out and let me know, maybe in chat! (I'll be Mithril Man there)

the download link is the same, go to the landing download page

Hunters hunt
Mithril Man

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