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3/6/2016 1:54:23 AM
Introduction to Automatic Behaviours in Huntercoin: Mithril Edition
1:54 AM
by Mithril Man

Huntercoin Mithril Edition

Huntercoin Mithril Edition (HUC ME) is a client implemented by me, Mithril Man, a passionate Italian developer.

HUC ME is a 3rd party client that allow you to play the cryptocurrency game Huntercoin in a more friendly way then the official client and add a lot of advanced features that allow you to be more competitive and enjoy much better the game experience.

Huntercoin game consists in a map where virtual hunters compete each other to collect the random dropped coins that can be found on the map or fighting each other to steal the enemy loot.
Collected loot must be taken to a bank (special map tiles that move randomly around the map) in order to successfully get that coins into the player's wallet

One of the features HUC ME has, are Automatic Behaviours and this document focus on that features, from both a players' and developers' perspective, because another really cool HUC ME feature is that it allows you to build your own automatic behaviours sing the Behaviours SDK, a C# library that I've implemented and that allow any developer to implement custom logics and wire them to the HUC ME client, creating automatic behaviours that can then be sold on the Behaviour Market (work in progress)

Automatic Behaviours

I'm not a promoter of full automatic behaviours because it wouldn't be fun to let the pc play on your behalf! But I think that nobody can prevent people from fully automatize their client, so this is a reason that motivated me to create HUC ME client and the Behaviour SDK: fight with even weapons versus "cheaters"!!! But this isn't the sole rason.
The game is not a fast paced game, because it relays on the blockchain confirmation time (so roughly one move every minute) and since you constantly risk being attacked by someone you can't never consider yourself in a safe spot and go away from your pc lightheartedly, so this is an example where automatic behaviours would help you: leaving control of your units to the game client that move you away when some attacker approach you can save you from losing HUC (the name of the game currency).

Another meaningful example of the automatic behaviours benefit is this: actually the game map is a persistent map and when you create a hunter, he stays on the map until killed, there is not a logout concept in the game, so your hunters are always in the field and the only way to "logout" and recover your invested money (creating a hunter has a cost) is to find a bank, step over and wait 3 blocks, after that your hunter dematerialize and you'll get back your invested coins.
The problem is that every player have(should!) a life, so he can't always stay connected to the game and guide his hunters even because going over a bank could take anyway minutes if not an hour, so this is a typical benefit of having an automatic behaviours that guide your hunters toward the nearest banks to log them out.

PVP fights is another aspect that would benefit from an automatic behaviour: besides being able to chase an enemy, you can use what i've named "Behaviour Actions", that could perform some operation giving some inputs from you. You could for example select an action "Intercept Enemy" and a window will popup asking you to select your action target and maybe some parameters like maximum allowed distance, and so on, and then you execute that action and your hunter will have a path that will intercept the enemy path as you wanted (this is much better than having to compute it by yourself)

Other usage could be a behaviour that help you harvest a coin area, or find the nearest bank to recycle your hunters.

The strategy aspect of the game, requires you to carefully plan your moves and thus requires time.
As a player you aren't forced to move just one hunter, you can create as many hunter as your coins availability allows you, but trying to move too many hunters is a good recipe to being killed by others because you could have not the time to move in time all of your units, so Automatic Behaviours and Behaviour Actions can come in handy to help you manage your troop.

Behaviour SDK

Work In Progress

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