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7/19/2015 8:45:30 PM
New Version available - V 1.1.0 (34383)
8:45 PM
by Mithril Man

released a new version of Huntercoin: Mithril Edition (HUC:ME) : V 1.1.0 (34383)

I've just released my client update, more details about changes will follow in a few days

Many changes, as every new release :) and hunter interface changes because of new huntercoin gameplay changes.
Now that hearts has been removed, only the hunter created can be part of a team, so there is no more the need of having the hunter window divided in PlayerName=>hunters, so I've simplified it.

Then I've added graphical changes to show more stats based on each hunter, since now there is the concept of lifesteal, every time you hit someone, you get 200 of its value (while you pay 25 huc that goes into the blockchain in a special gamefund address that huntercoin team will use it later to create in-game NPC with loots), so now i display what's the hunter value, along with how much coin he carries (that's the amount of coin picked up on the map)

Note that when you kill or hit a hunter, the amount is automatically added to the attacker and not dropped on the ground

Other things I've added are visual banks that now are randomly placed on the map, along with the time remaining before they are removed (banks can have a random life, so after a number of block they disapper and reappear somewhere else randomly).
Bank life is important to decide where to go to deposit coins

Another huntercoin game change is that to recover you paid coins to create a hunter, you have just to stand over a bank for 2 blocks (instead of 30 as before) and now disaster still kill you, but coins are sent back to your wallet

I've implemented a new Simple Bot Collector, that's of course not compatible with the previous one since now game logic is very different and banks aren't fixed, you can find it on the "Configure Behaviours" window

Remember to activate the generic behaviour "Commander" creating a new configuration and activating it, this way you'll have a nice window to issue commands to your hunters in a very easy way (I'll create a video for it "soon")

P.S. Setting window has been changed to be more user friendly and more integrated with the game GUI, it has not been deeply tested too, so please report in case you have trouble, I tried to implement it in a more friendly way, and you can pick up daemon path easier than before and it doesn't have keyboard layout as the previous one (where it was a fixed english keyboard)


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