Welcome to Huntercoin: ME - Here last updates about this cool client!

New Version available - V 1.0.2 (34803)

8:42 PM
by hucadmin

ok, last shot to my client, another version up with new features version 1.0.2 (34803)

added a destination alert
destination alert

when your hunter is 1 block before its destination, an alert is generated, a speaking picture here: destination alert flow

from this image you can see that when a new player is 1 block from it's destination (1 ), a visual alert is displayed (2 ) and reported in console too (3 ) the blue name in console message is clickable so you can select easily that hunter!

image cannot capture sounds, but trust me that the visual alert is accompanied by a sound (if enabled) :D

added pending new players as "ghosts" into My Troop window**
to see which player are waiting to be created, i've added them as nonclickable players into the MyTroop window

now, to clear how player creation works in Huntercoin (and in my client) let's recap this with an image:
player creation flow

  • suppose i create a red player named test_pend (1)
  • it will be shown as a ghost player (non-clickable, light yellow background with a tooltip that explain it's status) (2)
  • after some blocks, the new player will be created. let me now explain how it works in huntercoin: first think a new_name transaction is generated, that "reserve" the name, after 3 confirmation blocks, its corresponding transaction name_firstupdate get elaborated, so normally you'll have to wait about 4 blocks to see your generated player, but this depend much on network and miners, so could be more (but not less)
    in the picture you can read those info using MiniWallet window (3), this way you can know approximatively when your player will be ready (or if you see name_new with many confirmation and name_firstupdate still 0, you know you have some problem).
  • after the player is created, you will see:
    1. a notification box (4)
    2. a notification in console window, with clickable generated player, to select him easily (5)
    3. the update MyTroop window, that this time will show your ready test_pend red player (6)

The download link is the same, go to the landing download page

Ok, now core features are up & running, now i can focus on BOT system & interface, will take a while but will be cool!!

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Mithril Man

New version released: V

5:01 PM
by hucadmin

released a new version of Huntercoin: Mithril Edition (HUC:ME) : v

added an icon to toggle audio on off and moved alarm icons
map icon has to be easily accessible so i let it as first button)
icon positions

added an intro sound that play during synchronization, retro style will think about adding more sound experience in the future (like some voices on hunter selection, etc..)

implemented the proximity alarm (aka Enemy Approaching)
you can enable/disable it and set what range you consider safe, if you set e.g. a range of 6, whenever after a gamestate there is one or more enemies in a range of 6 cells around one of your hunters, an alarm sound will play and you'll see a notification here is the new alarm system window:
alarm system

and here you can see what happen when enemies are near you: enemy approaching another interesting feature is that i write those events in the console windows and now you can interact more with that window because the huntername will be clickable and will select your hunter and will center the map on selected hunter

now chat messages and console messages are selectable
you can just click and drag mouse to select text and you can copy with standard key combo (copy=CTRL+C, paste = CTRL+V, etc..)

improved notification when a player is created
taking advantage of clickable console message with hunter name, i've modified the notification when a new player is created, this is how it's shown in console window: player creation

clicking on it will select your player, so now it's harder to loose an hunter because you forget to move him after its creation

fixed then some small issues that's all for the moment, the download link is the same, go to the landing download page

New Version available -

11:02 PM
by hucadmin

New Version available -

It's mandatory, now who doesn't have at least this version couldn't authenticate with the client anymore. I have fixed a bug with the fee system that could cause a double request of fee.

Beside this, there is a cool new feature in the toolbelt of HUC:ME (short for Huntercoin: Mithril Edition), the Alarm System!

With the alarm system, now you can configure how/if you are notified when a game event happen

At the moment I've implemented notifications for 4 events:

  1. Disaster
  2. New Player created
  3. Own Hunter get killed
  4. Own Player get killed

the Alarm system can be configured clicking on the bell icon on the top right section of the client: icons

clicking that icon, will show you this interface


the blue buttons with the play icon are used to test the sound associated to the event (in the future this could be configurable, at the moment the sounds are shipped within the client)

checking/unchecking the items, will enable/disable that event

if you unckeck the "Enable sound" item, you won't listen any Alarm sound

Destruct warning isn't ready yet (just the preview works, a simple laugh!!) as the Enemy Approach, that will requires further development (you'll be able to toggle on/off enemy approach alert on single hunters)

Another alarm I'll add will be an alarm when a block height has been reached, stay tuned!

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New Huntercoin: ME release! ( v

12:27 PM
by hucadmin

Current version now is

So be sure you are running this version, otherwise you can download the new version clicking here

Despite the number being lower < (will fix this stupid release numbering problem in future releases) this is a new version, that add a disaster chance indicator and show life remaining on players after they are poisoned by disaster.

I've added a "delete transaction" in miniwallet (detail view) that can be used to remove stuck transactions, but should be used with caution.

Let me have some feedback, thanks!

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New Huntercoin: ME release! ( v

9:04 PM
by hucadmin

A new version of Huntercoin: ME client has been released!!

Current version now is

So be sure you are running this version, otherwise you can download the new version clicking here

this update is mandatory, soon I'll enforce an error during login if you don't have the proper version, because the old one is not compatible with current daemon (1.0.11) while the new one has a lot of new features, so worth a try!

Some users reported some problems using 1.0.11c (daemon stop responding) and has less problem with 1.0.11b, so my advice is download 1.0.11b (here a direct link)

Client is free to play until 10th July 2014, after that you'll see an ingame window asking you to chose between different subscriptions plans, still not defined (and anyway could change by will)

Let me have some feedback, thanks!

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